June 17, 2017


Hosta Society Biennial Garden Walk

CIHS Garden Walk 2017 Ticket

Here are the gardens for our 2017 Garden Walk!

Dan and Connie McConnell
12317 Woodridge Court
Dunlap, IL
In the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, there is a scene where the title characters, train robbers, are being pursued by the Railroad Marshals. When it appears the outlaws cannot evade the posse, Sundance (Robert Redford) asks, “What’s the plan?” Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) replies, Plan? Heck kid, I’m making this up as we go along.” Dan says this how he describes their garden...we are just making it up as we go along. It all started when the McConnells had the lawn put in, after building their new house. It was early spring; the yard was graded, seeded, fertilized and watered. The grass grew and it looked good. Then the trees leafed out, summer came and one morning they looked out and the grass was gone-not that it had thinned or had a few bare spots. It was completely gone. They had a bald yard. Welcome to deep shade. Then they discovered hostas and you all know what happens after that The garden features lots of hostas, accompanied with hydrangea, coral bell, fern, sedum and G.O.K. (God only Knows) what else. Like most gardens, theirs keeps evolving. Dan and Connie try new plants, move old ones and re-work planting areas. Generally, they love the time outside in the garden.
Directions: Go north on Route 40 (Knoxville) going over Route 6 to Hickory Grove Road and turn right. Continue on Hickory Grove to Raintree Road and turn right into Colony Point sub-division (green gate). Proceed to Woodridge Court and turn right.

John and Nancy Machens
1108 W. Brookforest Drive
Peoria, IL
The Machens’ garden began innocently enough when one of Nancy’s friends gave the Machens a few green hostas, now over 20 years ago, for a shady area in the back yard where they were trying to start a new garden. Almost immediately, John became interested or maybe obsessed with the different colors of hosta from blue to gold to variegated. At first John loved large hosta so the garden was filled with a number of supersized hostas. As with many hosta gardeners, space eventually became an issue so now the Machens’ collection features hostas of all sizes, including many varieties of dwarf hostas. The total number of varieties is now approaching 200 along with many companion plants. The sunnier area of the garden also features grasses along with many types of iris and day lilies.
Directions: Take Knoxville/Route 40, going over route 6 and north past the Mossville Road intersection. Turn right onto Deerbrook Road and take the first left onto Oakwood Drive. Take the first right turn onto Brookforest Drive.

Nancy Scott
1128 E. Fairoaks Avenue
Peoria, IL
Nancy's garden is a perfect example of what can be done in a small space. Her creativity is demonstrated throughout the garden whether it is her collection of hosta that represents her two daughters' interests or her amazing containers. One daughter is in the military so she has collected hosta with names like Patriot and Dress Blues. Her second daughter is a free spirit she calls her "Peace, Love, and Harmony" daughter. Hosta like Guardian Angel and Praying Hands represent her second daughter's calm and quiet manner. Nancy has a real flair for container gardening. She uses unusual combinations of plants and is often asked by friends and businesses to design their containers and pots. Nancy elevates pots and containers in her garden to add additional interest. This garden is a real gem.
Directions: From the intersection of Prospect and War Memorial go south on Prospect for about 5 blocks. Turn right and go to 1128 E. Fairoaks. Fairoaks is the street right after Tripp and before Richwoods. If coming from the south, Fairoaks is the street after Richwoods and before Tripp.

Ernesto and Katherina Salgado
2407 N Maryland
Peoria, IL
Ernesto has created a sanctuary for himself and his family in this beautiful garden. Ernesto has transformed the long and narrow back yard into an amazing space. He designed the garden and has done all the work himself. He has mastered the task of space utilization, using every square inch to its best advantage. The garden features a large collection of conifers, which is one of his favorite plants to use in the garden. Japanese maples are another favorite. When asked where his inspiration comes from, he says is just comes to him. Wherever his inspiration comes from, it is on full display. His rich use of textures, colors, and elevations, makes every corner of this garden a joy to see. He has incorporated into his design a beautiful patio, a waterfall and fish pond, a fountain, statues, bird houses, and lots on planters. This is truly a garden worth seeing.
Directions: From the intersection of War Memorial and Knoxville, head south on Knoxville. Turn left onto McClure. Go approximately .6 miles and turn left onto North Maryland.

Cheryl and Dan Taylor
19 Cypress Point
Pekin, IL
Dan and Cheryl Taylor's home is located on the women's T-box on Hole No. 17 at Pekin Country Club. Dan loves to golf and always wanted to live on a golf course. Cheryl was ready to downsize her garden. Finding the lot and building their new home was the perfect option for both Dan and Cheryl. While Cheryl's garden is considerably smaller than the one at her previous house, it is no means "small". This beautiful garden features a few dozen varieties of hosta with a healthy sprinkling of lilies, roses, hydrangea, coral bells, and lots of other perennials. Cheryl has always loved blue and you will find many cobalt blue accents in her garden. A focal point in the garden is a piece of wind art, a copper spinner that is a real eye catcher. This garden delights all the golfers, men and women alike, as they play Hole Number 17.
Directions: From I74E, take the Pinecrest exit and stay to the right. Follow Pinecrest and turn right at the T, which is Mueller Road. There is a fire station at the intersection. Turn left at the stoplight onto Springfield Road. Go through Groveland, passing Casey's and the post office. Turn right onto Sheridan (church on the left.), which is the last right before leaving Groveland. Follow Sheridan Road for 3 miles and turn left onto Cypress Point just before an "s" curve. About a 1/2 mile before arriving at Cypress Point is a stop sign at the intersection of Sheridan Road and Veterans.

Henry and Alice Cakora
203 Indian Creek
Pekin, IL
The Cakora home is an elegant, columned, white colonial home that sits on the top of a hill. The property features classical elements, terraced walls, and large urns filled with flowers. The main part of the garden runs along a beautiful brick patio and overlooks a deep ravine and flowing creek. It features a perfectly manicured lawn, two fish ponds with lily pads, and a waterfall made of blue stone. The Cakora garden has a European feel with statues, stand planters, and sculpted evergreens and boxwoods. Alice loves to fill to overflowing large elegant urns with unusual flowers, sometimes bringing plants home from one of their trips to Florida. There are other areas to explore if you dare to navigate the steep hills. While not huge in scale, this is a beautiful garden and should not be missed.
Directions: If you are just leaving the Taylor garden, you do not have far to go. Turn left onto Sheridan Road. Go .5 miles and turn left onto Country Club Drive. Go .8 mile and turn left onto Indian Creek, which is the first street past the country club. The house is the first house on the left.
From the intersection of Court Street and 14th Street by Unity Point Methodist, formerly Pekin Hospital, go north on 14th Street and turn right on Broadway. Go a few miles, past Parkway, and turn left onto Country Club Drive. Go .2 miles and turn right on Indian Creek. The house is the first house on the left.

Jessee and Kay Dye
4017 S. Autumn Drive
Mapleton, IL
Kay is well known in the area for her hosta and Japanese maple expertise so Kay’s garden is filled with many varieties of these two plants. Her garden at her previous home was immense and while the garden at her new home is much smaller, it is still a sizable space. She moved to her new home in 2014 and began the task of establishing a garden that worked at her new home. The garden has a country feel to it and displays a collection of fencing, troughs, and galvanized pieces. She has found a whole new world in gardening. Plants that would not grow at her previous garden now thrive. She brought with her most of her favorite plants, but they are now making room for new favorites. There are now sun pollinator plants, a vegetable garden next to the pond, rhododendrons, anemones, lilies including a martagon lily, and more new hostas. The Japanese maples are growing, as well as an expanding population and ferns and hydrangea. A large area of her garden lines the perimeter of the yard, which backs up to a wooded area. A pond, which is built into the side of a small hill in the back yard taking advantage of the natural terrain, is a prominent feature of the garden. Don’t miss this beautiful garden.
Directions: From I 474, exit at Airport Road. Turn left at the stoplight and continue on Airport Road. Turn right onto Pfeiffer Road (Limestone High School is on the corner). At the “Y”, stay to the right for 1.3 miles. Turn right onto Autumn Drive.

Illinois Central College Arboretum
1 College Drive

Central College Arboretum is the host to the American Hosta Society National Display Garden, the first AHS Display Garden in Illinois, and one of only two in the state. Our Society is the major sponsor of the garden, in partnership with University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners from the tri-county area and Illinois Central College. Our club has provided volunteer labor, donation of plants, and financial support for the rehabilitation of the AHS Display Garden. To date, several educational brochures have been developed. Major work on clearing overgrowth of unwanted plants, re-edging beds, replacing missing hostas, and identifying hostas that were missing labels has been accomplished. Additionally, through the funding of CIHS, new permanent labels are being produced and installed in the garden. You will see the new permanent labels in the Classic Hosta Collection and Hosta of the Year Collection.
Directions: from McClugage Bridge, Route 150/Route 24, go east on Route 24 toward Washington, turn right into Illinois Central College, then keep in the left lane and make the first left onto Hosta Lane. The parking lot is to your immediate right off of Hosta Lane.

Luthy Botanical Garden
2520 N. Prospect Rd. Peoria.

Shaded by large oaks in a woodland garden, the hosta glade is naturalistic in design, using curvilinear lines and sweeping masses. This hosta collection places a greater emphasis upon the tried & true performers that the home gardener can utilize with great success. The hosta are displayed in a mixed border, planted with trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs. Within the garden, shrubs like chokeberry, witchhazel, panicle hydrangea, viburnum and spirea, serve as a backdrop for the hosta, providing both structure and seasonal interest for the garden. To learn more about hosta and shade gardening, pick up a brochure. This garden was sponsored by the Central Illinois Hosta Society. Directions: the garden’s in north Glen Oak Park, north of the Zoo. Turn onto Gift Avenue at the corner of Prospect and Gift (green sign) and follow it to the right into the lot.