CIHS 2023 Banquet September 19, 2023       Photos by Shelly Baldini

Illinois Central College (ICC) Landscape and Garden Day Photos - September 9, 2023

CIHS had a booth selling potted hostas divisions from the AHS National Display Garden at ICC. Proceeds from the sale were given to the ICC Horticulture Department Student Activity Fund.

Photos below from Kaeli McIntire's Garden during the August 26, 2023 CIHS Meeting.

Row 1: Kaeli's Side Garden, H. 'Honey Bells'

Row 2: H. 'Jurassic Park', Antique Garden Art

Row 3: H. 'Midnight Oil', H. 'Brother Stephan'

Row 4: H. 'Elata'

CIHS Member Meeting July 18, 2023 at Illinois Central College Arboretum and Gardens 

Hosta Container Design Contest

Left to Right:

Mini-Small Hosta Winner - Golda Ewalt

Overall Container Winner - Maggie Keesey 

Large Hosta Container Winner - Golda Ewalt

Also - Photos of the Illinois Central College  AHS National Display Garden

CIHS Van Trip July 8, 2023 Champaign/Urbana IL        Photos by Roger Becker and Wendy Kamischke

June 17, 2023 CIHS Garden Walk

Photos below taken by Wendy Kamischke at 4 of 7 of the gardens participating.

Golda Ewalt and Bob Streitmatter Garden

Bill & Rhonda McCarthy Garden

Chuck & Kim Sanders Garden

Margie Karl's Garden